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LEAP Syndicated Content
  NEW! Don't have a LEAPLink Web Site? Not a problem. One of the advantages of the new product offering from LEAPLink 2.0 is the offering it provides for Licensees to display the LEAP Syndicated Content on their own web sites. You are able to do this contractually in a manner that is within both the spirit and letter of their LEAP License Agreement while complying with federal statutes that protect intellectual property. 
Client Management/
Document Storage
Create usernames and passwords and assign them to pages for your clients (or groups of clients). When your clients login, they can see pages set up specifically for them. You can set links to documents, articles or any other files. LEAPLink 2.0 Staff takes care of this for you.

Quote Engine

NEW! You supply us with the quotes, we will code the page so every time you come back to that page a different quote is displayed.

Forms Management
E-Mail forms are powerful tools for collecting direct info from your custom questions from existing or potential new clients visiting your site.
Additional Pages (blocks of 50 Pages)
Now you can have up to fifty additional pages of your custom content.
In-Page Definitions
With IN-PAGE Definitions, you will make it easier for your client to understand your message. By "hovering over" (to place your mouse or cursor over something) a pre determined color on (our page we chose light green)or styling like bolding or italic, you can provide a short definition or a paragraph.
POP E-Mail
(blocks of 5)
Industry Standard E-Mail accounts. Can add up to 3 alias' per address
Additional licensees on one site
This feature gives licensees the ability to split the cost of a site among colleagues doing joint case work or licensees working together.
Search Engine Optimization
With the increased flexibilty of an industry standard platform, the LEAPLink 2.0 Search Engine guru will assess your site and make recommendations for improvement, make the changes and resubmit your site to the top search engines. NOTE: While LEAPLink 2.0 employs the latest best practices, there is NO guarantee on positioning.
Content Maintenance/
Newsletter Publishing
Whether it is making changes to your site, uploading new pictures or newsletters, LEAPLink 2.0 staff will keep a tab of time, so if you use 15 minutes in 1 month and 15 minutes two months from now, you will still have another half hour to make more changes if needed. NOTE: This time does not carry over from your previous renewal date.
Content Maintenance Package - 10 Hours
Has your site looked the same for many years? Consider a fresh look for your site with a Re-design. Take advantage of LEAPLink 2.0's helpful account managers to take on a special project or just to make changes as often as you wish at a reduced rate per hour. Sold in blocks of 10 hours.
Domain Name Registrations & Services
Need more than 1 Domain Name? LEAPLink 2.0 can secure domain names on your behalf at a reasonable fee. Need your domain to behave in a certain way? LEAPlink 2.0 Technicians can help cut through the red tape.
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