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What is LEAPLinkTM2.0?

LEAPLink 2.0 is the next generation of LEAP® oriented web based products and services, developed to incorporate the best of the original program with the latest in technology, flexibility of a standard platform with an open architecture, with a pricing structure to compete with anyone.

The new LEAPLink 2.0 platform will make it easy to "plug in" industry standard tools to a simplified product structure with the ability to pick and choose the tools that you need to run your LEAP business.

The team that brings you these new set of LEAPLink Web Services has the experience of building over 200 LEAPLink web sites. We know the ins and the outs of the process and will be a valuable resource for all of your web based needs.

Last 5 Sites to go live
Velocity Financial
Christopher Cruz
Jeffry Moore
Frank Tooton
Paul LaPrade


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LEAPLink 2.0 Comes to Canada!

With the help of Canadian LEAP Ambassadors, We are happy to announce that LEAPLink 2.0 is now avalable north of the border to all LEAP Licensees in Canada.

We have worked with several LEAP Ambassadors to modify the LEAP SYNDICATED content to make it applicable for the differences between the US and Canada.

Now Canadian Licensees can drive prospects to their own websites and display the same Consumer content that is available in the consumer section of the LEAP SYSTEMS web site, only this content is displayed with the look and feel of your site, adapted for the differences in the industry between US and Canada.

Why not check out Frank Tooton's site at http://www.franktooton.com, our first Canadian site to go live, right around the beginning of the year. There are two others in production and should be live by the end of April.

If you already have a web site, no problem. LEAPLink 2.0 now offers an add-on feature where you can subscribe to the syndicated content and display in your NON LEAPLink web site. We will provide you with all the information your webmaster will need to "pull in" the syndicated content with your look and feel.

Please give us a call or drop us a line to see how we can help you get your web site filled with the right information to help your LEAP business.

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