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Search Engines - The Final Frontier

The search engines set a criteria for four items to be in place on your site for them to pick you up.

  • Title of page
  • Keywords (30 words)
  • description (30 words)
  • Content of the page

When words are common in all 4 groups, the results on a search of that particular term is ranked higher.

From the examples below, copy the text in the examples, paste the text into the appropriate fields for each example, then adapt the words that are not applicable to you and replace them with what search terms you want to be found with.

You are asked by the search engines to provide only 30 words in both the Description and Keywords. More than 30 risks exclusion.

You have to think like a client here and say to yourself, What will your clients type into a search to bring up your site and decide the most important 30. (Hint: Does the average Joe know what LEAP is? Probably not. So the chances that they will use LEAP as a search term is small.)

Here is what we have on one licensee's site.

Example of TITLE (you are allowed 255 characters in the title)
  Orange County Insurance Broker- Southern California Financial Services
copy and paste the above text into the Title Field below and edit to your specifics
Example of DESCRIPTION (you are allowed 30 words in this description)

HFIS offers financial services including financial planning, retirement and college planning and asset management. and other insurance to Orange County, Los Angeles, Long Beach and remaining Southern California .

copy & paste the above text into the Description Field below and edit to your specifics
Example of KEYWORDS (you are allowed 30 words in this field)

orange county, life insurance orange county, los angeles insurance agent, california long term care insurance, la insurance agency, insurance broker orange county, disability insurance, financial services, planning, advisor, college, retirement

copy and paste the above text into the Keywords Field below and edit to your specifics

Simply copy and paste each of the 3 fields above into the corrolating fields below and edit the words for what you think will fit your need and hit the submit button below. We will put the code on all of the pages. Then we will submit the site to Yahoo and Google. Please be advised that it sometimes takes up to 3 months for your site to be found by Search Engines like Google.

Search Engine Responses


Maintaining any positioning is purely the web site owner's responsibilty and there are no guarantees by LEAPLink 2.0 that your site will come up at all, but we have seen reasonable results without paying additional fees.

© 2007 LEAP SYSTEMS, Inc. No part of this page may be reproduced, abstracted, excerpted, transmitted, in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, or photographic, or stored in information systems, except as set forth in writing under a license from LEAP SYSTEMS, Inc. Any other use is prohibited.
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