LEAPLinkTM 2.0 Virtual Assistant
LEAPLink 2.0 Virtual Assistant allows the creation of speaking animated characters that can be added to your website to enrich the user experience and increase sales.

Practical Uses for your Virtual Assistant

  • A "live" introduction to your site
  • A call to action by drawing attention to targeted areas on your page.
  • A live question and answer agent for
    your Frequently Asked Questions Page
  • A Lead Generator tool
Increase your conversion & sales
Research has shown that virtual salespeople, such as those provided by SitePal characters can increase your conversion and sales. Our recent study with the McAfee store showed that adding talking characters to their website increased online product sales by 10%.
Ensure your message is both seen & understood

Animated speaking characters enable you to deliver your messaging using both sight and sound, which reinforces your messaging and establishes trust.
Engage your visitors & direct them to take action
Our ability to create personalized spokespeople can turn passive site visitors into active participants by engaging them, informing them and directing them to take action.
Increase the time your visitors spend on your site
Our uncanny ability to capture attention and generate interest can increase the time that visitors spend on your website.
Increase your web site traffic
The animated speaking characters can create a lasting impression that will drive traffic and increase the likelihood of return visits.
Provide a competitive edge
The innovate technology will help you stand above and apart from your competition.


We will bring you into our Avatar design center and help you choose the right image for your site. Once you choose your model we can change eye color, hair color, what your Avatar wears, how old they are and several more visual components that send the right message for your site.


Our staff can even create your Avatar from an image of yourself for a nominal one time charge of $99. Once the model is made we bring them into our design center where we can make the same changes we make on the other models.
LEAPLinkTM 2.0 and Site PalTM have teamed together to bring LEAP licensees this interactive tool to bring a human touch to your web site. Your greeting or message can be up to 60 seconds. You can record the greetings yourself using the Sound Recorder, which is standard on all Windows based operating systems and send them to us, or for a nominal fee LEAPLink staff can record your messages for you (content maintenance fees apply).

$ 175. for first year - $100. annually for each installation.

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